Advance Leadership Development Oklahoma City Ok December 10th  and 11th 

President Mesa Compton

This past weekend two other fellow officers and I attended ALD Conference, in Oklahoma City.  Before our conference started we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Museum.  At Advanced Leadership Development Conference we learned the keys to being a great leader. Some of those keys are, communication, working with partners, working with groups, and taking in the groups advice to finish the project. We were all assigned a partner, my partner’s name was Kaitlyn. She was from Shattuck Oklahoma. We learned how to communicate with each other with signals so we would find one another when we had to split up. I really enjoyed meeting new people and meeting up with old friends. We all had to learn how to teach others how to do something, and we also had to learn from other people, which showed that we knew how to use demonstration, our listening skills, and our learning abilities.  My favorite part of the conference would have to be playing Ted Says, because it really challenged us to listen, participate, be competitive, and pay close attention. 


Vice President Jalynn Voorhies

Saturday our chapter went to the Oklahoma bombing memorial museum. The chapter walked through the Field of Empty Chairs, the Rescuer’s Orchard, and the Survivor Chair. We took the tour through the museum, where the group watch films over what happened that horrible day and saw pieces of the wreckage. Later that afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the Advanced Leadership Development camp. I met a lot of new people over the weekend all FFA  were put into rooms with two or three people we did not know. The members had three general sessions that we had all together in one room. The attendees learned how to listen to others ideas, team work and many other keys to leadership. In the beginning we played two truths one lie as an icebreaker game. Then we split off into groups of about nine or ten and all had to learn each other's names and we played a name game to remember the others names. Next the group played a form of “family feud”. As a group we all had to come up with answers to the question being asked and then decide on which were the best three. This was to teach us to listen to everybody's ideas first, not just come up with our own ideas and use them. Later Mrs. Turk came and she split us into groups of two and we had to learn a few things about each other and decide on a “gang sign” of sorts. She then asked us to join another group and introduce our person to the other two people, at that point, she had us teach each other something. The group did this until a majority of people knew each other and the others project they taught each other and then we did one as a big group. The next day we started with Mr. Ted and he had us move seats, and then put us into teams of six or seven. He handed out index cards and had us build towers out of them to see which team could work together to build the tallest tower, my team was second. In this activity we started, and after we decided that our tower was not going to be tall enough so we made a decision and started over. My team still finished second through our teamwork, plus we finished with plenty of time even on our second try. He suddenly handed out ropes and told us one person can stand in the rope but the person can not move their legs and we all had to hold hands and could not release our hands. The team next all had to go through the rope to get it on the outside of our circle. My team did not do very well but it was still fun. Mrs. Turk came back then and we got back into our original teams and had to draw a picture of the other person based on what they told us the day before. We then had to tell them a goal so they could hold us accountable for doing it. After the group had to make a human chair to learn to trust the other members of our team. Afterwards we did a whole group one with all of the kids there, complete strangers were holding you up and you had to trust them to not fall or you would get hurt. At the end we did a mannequin challenge and that was my ALD experience.


-Treasurer Brian Clements

This event is a very fun experience as well as an educational workshop. You meet new people, play leadership building games and as well as build lifelong friendships. 
    You first get there and check in and see some of your old friends. The first session begins after all that it last for four hours you listen to the speaker and find a partner from a different school and don't even know them. Then you find out each other's name as well as interesting facts about them. After joining another group explain who  your partner is also a few facts about them. Then you make an even bigger group and do the same thing. After we break to go eat. Then go back for another session that's an hour long. This session we go over everything that you learned in the first session. Then another break again for thirty minutes and then there is a dance and you have fun for three hours. Then you get up the next morning and get breakfast. Then there is one more session before everyone part ways. The last session is probably the best one because you have so many new friends and memories that last a lifetime. This is a very inspiring event I recommend going at least once.   
    It's a fun experience you meet a lot of people and reunite with long lost friends. There is a lot of things to learn in that short two days but it's fun and educational. There is so many great opportunities in the FFA and i encourage you to go and experience this.



Displaying 61A409D4-E82F-4B2C-950A-F346DF4D4185.JPGOn Wed October 19th 2016 The Boise City FFA chapter hosted the Oklahoma Board of Agriculture, for their annual board meeting.  Officers performed opening and closing ceremonies for the board and numerous distinguished guests.  The FFA presented the meeting with a home cooked meal of steak and chicken fajitas, mexican rice, refired beans, served with flour tortillas.  Homemade guacamole, fresh vegatables, and salsa on the side.  This was the first time in 109 years of statehood, Cimmarron County hosted an official meeting for the Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture.  Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese presented Mesa Compton Boise CIty FFA President an executive citation from the Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin stating “AGRICULTURE APPRECIATION DAY IN CIMARRON COUNTY”.  When motivated students have a plan nothing will stand in their way.  THis was once in a lifetime opportunity for the chapter and the officers to be part of history.  The chapter wants to thank Alumni Megan Trantham for all she did to make this come together.  With out Ms. Tranthams idea of bringing this to Cimarron County none of this would have happened.  Ms. Trantham is truely an FFA member at heart by Living To Serve.  Thank You for all the others who helped make sure this occasion part of these peoples lives forever.  Boise CIty FFA is reaching for the stars and bringing them with in reach.  Great job officers this is something to be proud of forever.


Tuesday, September 27 The Boise City FFA Officers Mesa Compton, JaLynn Voorhies, Chandler Trantham, Brian Clements, Cuinton White, and Kaitlyn Meister attended the Northwest District Chapter Officer Leadership Training in Enid Ok.  at the conference were over 300 fellow officers from the northwest distric FFA chapters.  At out conferece we were taught many things about leadership and how to a better leader.  We talked about new ways to try to get more kids involved in FFA.  We were taught and asked how to make them love the FFA experience.  This years theme was “The Bottom Line”  The bottom line is do you want to be a good top of the lne leader or one who really does not want to do it.  Leaders are often seen seperate, remember members are not officers but officers are members.  

Writtten by Cuinton White Boise City FFA Reporter.


The Boise City FFA and Cimarron 4H attended the Panhandle Expo in Guymon Oklahoma August 18th 19th and saturday the 20th   On Thursday the goat show was on the agenda.  FFA President Mesa Compton placed 3rd in class with her weather in class.  Vice president JaLynn Hoorhies placede 2nd in class with a doe, 3rd with a weather and 3rd in showmanship.  

On Saturday was the cattle show in Guymon.  FFA member Stran Wagner was Reserve Grand Maine Anjou heifer.  FFA President Mesa Compton was 3rd in class with her Simental prospect steer, Member Stran Wagner was Reserve Grand Champion Maine Anjou prospect steer, FFA Vice President JaLynn Voorhies was 2nd in class with her Maine Anjou progress steer and 2nd in class with her crossbred progress steer.  All member competed in Beef Showmanship, this just shows that the members are wanting to get better each and every time.  

The FFA chapter is extremely happy with all the members who competed at the Panhandle Expo in Guymon.   The FFA motto says Learning to do Doing to Learn Earning to Live and Living to Serve   by the way these members showed their animals, one can see they are learning doing, earning and defiantly Living to Serve.  

When you see these members please congratulate them on their achievements.  



 The Annual Boise City COOP member meeting is scheduled for August 9 2016 at 630 PM  Members of the officer team attended the meeting were Vice President JaLynn Voorhies Secretary Chandler Trantham  Treasurer Brian Clements and Sentinel Kaytlin Mister.  The officer team were privileged to eat a wonderful BBQ dinner provided by Honeys BBQ from Guymon.  The officers enjoyed the meal and proceeded to clean up the trash from the tables before the meeting started.  The officers handed out door prizes to the winning tickets.  This was an exciting time for the officers to meet several members of the community who they would not normally have contact with.  The officers were greeted with smiles and thank you  The officer team stayed and gathered the chairs and tables for the COOP.  Mr. Wagner was witness to students coming together and becoming leaders of the future.  One can say the tide is coming in with pride and joy.  A job well done.

Learning to Do

Doing to Learn

Earning to Live

Living to Serve





Vice President JaLynn Voorhies attended the STUCO camp this summer and had this to say:

This summer I had the privilege of attending the Oklahoma Association of Student Council’s basic camp, where I learned many new leadership skills. One of my favorite things that I learned was sportsmanship. This is something we often do not stress enough in and out of the show ring and everyday life. Yes, winning may be fun and it may be great but in the end it is more about the experience.  You got to be part of something new and refreshing the making of new friends. Sportsmanship is also learning how to cheer on others even if you are losing or pick up another team’s player if they get hurt, because in life everything is not always about you. I also learned that to be a leader you sometimes also have to first be a follower. Not everybody starts out in a leader’s position, often you have to learn first how to be a follower and then a leader second. This teaches you how to work and to know when something is too much to ask of another member of your chapter and what is not enough because you have been in that position once. I learned through a trust fall practice that many times you have to trust your followers and fellow leaders.   I was taught to say see you later, and not goodbye because goodbyes are so final and you never know what the future holds.


Treasurer Brian Clements and Sentinel Kaitlynn Meister attended the Oklahoma FFA Alumni Camp and wrote this:

Mr. Clements  This year being my last. It sure was a blast.  I met a lot of life long friends.  Everyone was super nice  and they were always there to help you along and never put you down.  The whole camp was about where your roots came from.  in a small group sessions we played team building games.  Talked about stuff that is or has happened in out lives.  My Small group leader was Francis Potter.  He was super cool and always pushed us to strive harder and harder to complete the task,  My small group had 11 wonderful people.  They were all very nice and fun.  In the long run they all decided we would all keep in touch so how we have a group chat.  We all keep in touch everyday.  We just sometimes even talk for fun this shows the true friendship built by this wonderful camp.  This is how I feel about Oklahoma FFA Alumni camp.

Ms. Meister   I had such a great time at camp this year.  It will for sure get you out of your comfort zone and it is a great opportunity to meet some really great people.  You learn so much about how to be a leader and how to work with others,  Not only did we learn about how to be a leader but also trust and how much it takes to earn it.  I learned how one word can take the trust away.  I would highly recommend going to Oklahoma FFA Alumni Camp it is a great way to meet new friends for life, but also to learn and have so fun.

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