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Special Education Paraprofessional
Boise City Public School District – Boise City, OK 73933

Boise City Elementary School is hiring a special education classroom paraprofessional. This is a fun educational environment with established routines, hardworking paraprofessionals and regular access to the community through field trips and outings. The ideal candidate for this incredible teaching opportunity is creative, collaborative, active and entrepreneurial. Boise City Elementary is on a mission to dramatically improve quality of life outcomes for students with learning disabilities and we want one more outstanding professional to join our team.

Please e-mail a resume and cover letter to John Farmer at

Knowledge and Abilities

  • Have an extensive understanding (and the ability to demonstrate this understanding) of typical and atypical development of children, a variety of behavioral strategies/theories, how to work with those with severe sensory and communicative challenges, and the unique and individual learning styles of those with developmental disabilities.
  • Be familiar with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems, and working with nonverbal students.
  • Be able to adapt and/or modify activities/curriculums to engage and teach each individual despite their challenges (physical, academic, emotional).
  • Be able to develop, implement, and model functional, experienced-based learning opportunities within a highly individualized curriculum.


Job Goals

  • Help to develop and provide an exemplary special education program to assigned students and establish a school wide environment that fosters learning and healthy development
  • Serve on the school-wide leadership team: work with administration, therapists, and the classroom staff to facilitate a school program that allows students to meet IEP goals and developmental milestones.
  • Facilitates the development of self-regulation, the ability to sustain engagement, positive attitudes and a sense of self, healthy social relationships, increasing levels of independence, and emotional well-being within each student.
  • Lead the teaching assistants and classroom support staff to facilitate a classroom team in a collaborative, respectful manner that supports the learning and professional goals of each staff member
  • Be supportive of and maintain positive relationships with all parents, care providers, students, other staff members, administrative staff, the board of directors, colleagues, district officials, and community members.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Teach students the necessary skills that will provide a solid foundation for an active, positive, healthy, and independent adulthood. This includes promoting the development of positive behaviors/self-regulation, functional academic skills, life skills, and social skills
  • Write, develop, edit and implement IEPs, complete and edit Progress Reports, develop and/or complete assessments and other documents as assigned within the time frames as assigned. Coordinate with therapists to ensure all parts to documents are complete and included. All completed documents must be turned into the Educational Coordinator for review, feedback, and additional edits before finalizing
  • Assign tasks to classroom staff and organize classroom responsibilities in a proactive, respectful, and supportive manner; encourage feedback and ideas from all staff
  • Develop effective classroom management and organizational systems when needed with the support and collaboration of the Educational Coordinator and Executive Director; ensure maintenance of these systems
  • Ensure data is regularly taken on IEP goals


Job Type: Full-time

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Boise City Public Schools
700 SE 1st Street
P.O. Box 1116
Boise CIty, Oklahoma 73933

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Phone: 580-544-3111
Fax: 580-544-2972


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